Posted by Egbuchiem Andrew on January 28, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Can i remember my mood that morning at about 8.30am when heading to Detroit.....? am not really sure.... but i left my mind open but with fear of the unknown not sure what we were going to meet there. The snow didn’t stop falling even on this day..... it put a bit of fear what fear i wasn’t sure of to expect..... but then we got there it was freaking cold.... we got in to the Orchestra Hall at Detroit where the concert was to hold we already some kids.....I really didn’t notice because I was cold but Gabby pointed out to me that the children had tags with our country name. One of the teachers called out my name and obviously with a child having the Nigerian tag, she said “Are you Andrew? hi we have been expecting you........ i felt so happy like this huge star (that i am not yet.....), We met Mrs. ................ (she was really active) and she also introduced us to Mrs. Carol..... (Trust me I have forgotten her name......that is the usual Andrew). I started having this feeling of the symptoms of cold. My throat wasn’t comfortable

 She gave us our schedule for that day, mehn! it was a crazy schedule what were we to do..... Now the question now was who was to start first.... i opted to start with the Kids.... after volunteering to start (the voice in my head said Andrew, boy you must be really crazy).....she gave the kids some vocal warm up talked a bit and introduced the SOUL team....and work started...... We had Lunch (that i would not comment about).  I had thought the cold would break out so i kept on applying "Aboniki" (am sure you would wondering what that means).hahhahahahahahahahaha Crazy ABONIKIN is a balm produced in Nigeria that helps fight cold, Arthritis……I sure one weird kid during Lunch I had noticed him earlier

When we returned from Lunch it was another 20 minutes each with the Kids I had to introduce Hausa female dance for all the ladies to learn......We did regular presentation......Dont ask me what I did……..chaka-chaka off cause……I noticed we all started wearing out……then a short break with a little chocolate (Mpkopu of cos) then we went back to dress rehearsal…… all the songs the children sang was learnt in roughly about two hours ….i thought this was really crazy…….. now I could see the difference between America and Europe. Anyhow sha (that’s Nigerian English) we did the concert I thought it was 80% good with all the learning madness. We finished the concert and returned back to Dearborn but not without encomiums.


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