American accent!

Posted by Egbuchiem Andrew on March 26, 2014 at 5:40 PM

What is this craze for accents? I might wonder......Infact today someone asked me if I can use the American accent..... My replied was instantly "No"! Then I had to explain why. It just gives me a very funny notion about the people. If not for the wonderful people I have met I would have just immediately concluded with that line of thought. Sometimes I get laughed at because of my accent.....initially my colleagues thought it was British Accent but of course I know I don’t have that accent. Until we met a British in Thibodaux Louisiana then they realized I have a Nigerian English Accent. Of course I have most words pronunciation with British English but not British accent.

Also I performed at another school in New Orleans where a young boy asked me....why do you speak differently? I answered "because I am different". What some people haven’t realized is that it’s different and difficult for me after using this accent for more than 30years it’s difficult to adjust in just 3months. Sometimes I forget the American way of pronunciation......but the truth I would not unconsciously loss my Nigerian accents because I want to sound would be crazy to try to fake accent. My Nigerian accent makes me sound Nigerian and different.....the people of America I think should get used to all accents different from theirs... I prefer it comes naturally with conscious effort then that would sound Natural. I met a couple of Nigerians here who fake accents then after a couple of minutes talking with them their Nigerian accents surface from nowhere.

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